About Us

Gīkūyū Centre for Cultural Studies is an independently published blog designed to explore the traditional knowledge of the Gīkūyū people of Kenya and how this knowledge can be read in light of modern challenges. Culture is a dynamic ever changing process that depends for its development and sustenance on some underlying fundamental unchanging truths. It cannot be a static nalstagic past which we yearn to go back to but a living present. Thus Gīkūyū Centre for Cultural Studies is not interested in merely presenting the past but in exploring the past’s role and meaning today and even the hope for tomorrow.

GĪkūyū Centre for Cultural Studies started as a blog meant to aid the PhD Student writing on Transformation of Kikuyu Traditional Architecture delve into a realm beyond mere documentation of the artifact of architecture as a thing but rather as a whole idea. To do this the candidate had to call upon the aid of his non academic and older anima and alter ego, Mukuyu. This blog is a happy corroboration between the masculine academic cerebral Post Doc and the feminine poetic and intuitive Mukuyu. The PhD is a Doctor of Philosophy. Mukuyu is a Modern Gikuyu Shaman and storyteller.

The Gīkūyū Centre for Cultural Studies houses The Gīkūyū Documentation Centre– Mukurwe-ini, one of the great resource centres for those interested in Gīkūyū documents. To access the Doc Centre download the Catalogue for more details and directions to the Centre in Mukurwe-ini, Nyeri, Kenya. It is run in association with Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga Trust.

At the Documentation Centre are held storytelling sessions led by Mukuyu every last Saturday of the month. Contact Admin for attendance confirmation and program.

For further information kindly contact Mukuyu at muiniwagicandi@gmail.com