How the Gĩkũyũ and Africa’s Minds were Stolen.

An old English Fairy tale relates that once upon a time the town of Frenchville was overrun by rats. There were rats, rats and rats everywhere. All means to get rid of the rats were unsuccessful. One day, a stranger appeared in the Council hall of the village and offered to get rid of the rats. He asked for a large sum of money. The Mayor and the town elders desperate due the cries of the people accepted. The man then took out a flute and moving along main street, began to play a tune. “And as each note pierced the air, you might have seen a strange sight. For out of every hole, all the rats came tumbling.” They followed the Piper out of town until he led them tumbling down a cliff and into the sea where they all perished. When the Piper came back into the town there was rejoicing and celebration. He went up the steps of the Council building and asked for his money. The Mayor and the elders now tried to persuade him to take a much lesser amount of money as they figured that they couldn’t pay such a large sum of money to a fellow whose only task was to blow a pipe, and besides, they were rid of the rats anyway. After disagreements and the failure of the elders to pay the Piper the agreed sum, he left in a huff and then went out and as he left along Main street he began to play his pipe. “And as he paced down the streets the elders mocked, but from school-room and play-room, from nursery and workshop, not a child but run out with eager glee and shout following gaily at the Piper’s call, dancing, laughing, joining hands and tripping feet. The bright throng moved along up Gold Street, and beyond Silver Street and into the forest where Piper and children disappeared forever, never to been again.

Dancing to the tune of the Pied Piper became in common parlance a reference for being hypnotically carried away by a willy manipulator.

But this is just a Fairy tale you say. “such a thing cannot happen in real life”, “Aah! Those were just children; it’s just a story to teach them not to follow strangers. can such a thing happen to adults?” The answer unfortunately is a biiiiig yes! It happens more often that we are able to accept and in any case there has never been and there will never be a person in a hypnotic spell who would ever agree that he/she was under a spell.

Take the extreme case of the People’s Temple, a cult led by the infamous Jim Jones and who in 1978 led his followers in a mass suicide ritual that left over 900 dead from drinking a cyanide raced punch. This we agree is an extreme case of mind control but anyone who has studied closely the methods of evangelicals and cults will agree that mind control and manipulation of members are very widespread practices.To be held in a trance or a mesmeric hold is actually easier than most people are willing to accept. This is because of the nature of the human mind. It has a rational side and an emotional side. Once the emotional side is excited sufficiently, the rational mind tends to withdraw and can even be put to sleep. In television dramas, political rallies, football and such-like mesmeric programming, the eyes of viewers glaze and the emotional mind takes over the whole persona such that one does not realize he has been taken. This is why in television it is called programming. In the so-called secular world examples can be drawn from the world of politics, advertising, radio and television, medicine, the army and such uniformed groups. One of the first tell-tale signs that should be a warning signal is when you see a uniform. Another warning signal is imprinting using shock and awe or a continuous incessant drumming of an idea as for example, endless advertising of a simplistic idea over and over and over, ad-nauseam until logic and rationality are banished. All that is then left is the one meaningless idea imprinted in mind as for example, “Coke is it!” or “Stay home.”

The colonialist program to take over Africa involved the most intensive brain washing and well crafted programs of indoctrination of the Africam mind. Using the 3Cs, Christianity, Civilization, and Commerce, many of these programs are still in place. Brainwashing involved emptying and cleaning the African mind of anything African. In Gĩkũyũ, they called the new initiates, Arutwo, literally meaning those from whom everything has been removed. They became, Christians, in Gĩkũyũ, A kanitha or Akani Thaai – those who have denied the God of the Gĩkũyũ, Mwene Nyaga. This indoctrination was done very carefully as the example of the sinister picture below demonstrates.

Instilling New Principles

The picture was taken by the Consolata Mission in Nyeri at or around 1905 and shows a carefully arranged photograph of two girls and an Italian nun. The girls were made to kneel before the nun and to look up adoringly at the face of the nun. The nun was made to sit on a higher seat as in a throne and to take each girls hand as if to lift them higher up. This is the same thing that they do when they place their virgin or the crucified figure in a high position for the faithful to look up and venerate. The subtle sub-concious associations in this picture are not very obvious and are cleverly hidden. Venerate the nun and the Mzungu (white man) for he represents God. Get out of the blackness and look up to the white, (rutwo). This dangerous and profound veneration and adoration led to an unquestioning religious faith of the objects of adoration, in this case the Mzungu and the virgin. The photo was first published in the book The Akikuyu: Their Customs, Traditions and Practices by the Italian Father C. Cagnolo published in 1933. It is no wonder this sinister photograph was removed in the whitewashed edition of the book by the Gĩkũyũ Father Wambũgũ. All the racist language was meticulously removed in the new edition and an apologist tone adopted. But of course it is no longer Father Cagnolo who is talking but one of our own. The edition is a white lie from an institution that has a long history of blatant revisionism.

Africans are still being manipulated using these methods of teaching them to religiously adore, venerate and obey authority that comes from Europe and America be they teachers, priests, doctors, politicians and other proffessionals.

  • What the Cagnolo doctor prescribes for us, the Wambũgũ doctor prescribes without question.
  • What the Cagnolo teacher teaches must be the best and our Wambũgũ teacher adds no value.
  • What the Cagnolo Lawyer practices must be so just, our Wambũgũ Lawyer swallows, wig, lobes and all.
  • What our Cagnolo Architect designs in Dubai, our Wambũgũ architects use as case studies.

We all remember the Hymn.

Trust and obey,
For there’s no other way
To be happy in Jesus,
  But to trust and obey.

Then in fellowship sweet
  We will sit at His feet,
Or we’ll walk by His side in the way;
  What He says we will do;
  Where He sends, we will go,
Never fear, only trust and obey.

23 thoughts on “How the Gĩkũyũ and Africa’s Minds were Stolen.

  1. The destruction of African cultures by the white man was cleverly executed and continues to destroy to date. I’m one of those passuonately witnessing a slow but growing return to our old ways of wisdom. Well written article and thanks.

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  2. A good read and especially at this time when #blacklivesmatter movement has spread world over. We need to awaken to the true meaning of God the Creator. The Christian indoctrination ought to compliment any religion but not to demean.

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  3. Powerful Psychology here –
    The girls were made to kneel before the nun and to look up adoringly at the face of the nun. The nun was made to sit on a higher seat as in a throne and to take each girls hand as if to lift them higher up. This is the same thing that they do when they place their virgin or the crucified figure in a high position for the faithful to look up and venerate. The subtle sub-concious associations in this picture are not very obvious and are cleverly hidden.

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  4. it is so sad that the generation that knew this truth are all dead and their descendants cant listen to the remaining true Gikuyu because they are brainwashed and they they think they know it all. They have white man names, eats European food, drives European cars and they wear European clothes and live the European way of life. they have no traces of their African identity except the color of their skin


  5. An amazing article, I love the the flow of the piece. From the ear catching story to the main beef, awesome.
    It will take us ages if not forever to retrieve ourselves from the white man’s brainwash and cleansing. With great minds and eye opener like you, a few of us may end up being liberated and freeing up a few more. Kudos!


  6. What a beautiful article. It’s high time we as Africans get back to our roots and mother culture. We abandoned our rich culture for the White man’s culture not knowing we will be treated as his subordinates. Little did we know, ‘Mwacha Mila ni mtumwa’


  7. This is great work you are doing. These are the aspects missing from our education. In terms of beliefs and identity, the brainwashing goes deep!


  8. Great writing style. How perceptive of you to point out how people can become hypnotised by repeated messages. My thought is that repeated fears expressed in the media about the corona virus has a hypnotic effect….a contagious effect. Also I agree with Wanjiru who warns that aspects of African culture are in danger of being missed out of education. But it is so important to introduce a real appreciation of the richness of African culture for all children and adults to re awaken in the world. Thank goodness that Black lives matter indeed!!


  9. We are living in exciting times. Awakening from the shame-induced 60 years’ slumber. Thank you for a frank, incisive article!


  10. Now that you have talked about Christianity, now let’s talk about the other 2 C’s.
    1. Civilization
    2. Commerce
    Do we also abandon these two?
    If we are to relook at what the Westerners brought us, then we cannot pick one aspect and leave the others. We would have to do an overhaul of the whole thing. This will be hard to do, so instead of demonizing everything, we should seek to rise above and Africanize what is good for us and leave out what is bad. Because, fact number one, not everything from the west is bad for us……

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    1. As the great prophet Múgo wa Kíbirú said; let us adapt the good from the foreigners but don’t adapt their way of life. We need to restore our main rituals.

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    2. Thank you for being such an ardent writer on Kikuyu way of life. It is people like you who are carrying the guardianship to rebuild the house of mumbi.
      Look at where we are. In the white man world, you have to step on your own people to get ahead. The white guy left that heritage for the black children to inherit. It just takes one generation to confuse the children and rob them of their truth.
      The white man did not leave because we won. You are painfully mistaken if that is what you think happened.
      The white man left when he had raised a whole generation. One he had conditioned and brainwashed to seed his lies to the coming generations.
      You always target the CHILDREN SINCE THE OLD DOGS CAN’T LEARN NEW TRICKS. But luckily, veil has been lifted.We are awake!


  11. It’s catastrophic that in the process of stealing the African mind, valuable disciplines including medical knowledge was deemed unchristian. It was not preserved nor recorded. Not being on paper and nobody to pass to, the wisdom of ages died off when all people became a kanitha.

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  12. In my opinion the word Akani thaai is not the meaning of the word church. This was a demeaning word imposed by the locals who were against those who converted to christianity. The whites have always treated the blacks as second class but interestingly, it is the education they brought what you call brain washing that enables the blacks today to stand up to racism.


  13. This is another excellent article. Thank you.

    African people have fought against the many many atrocities perpetrated by prejudice, discrimination and greed for centuries. There are countless examples of this littered throughout history. They certainly did not ‘need’ the educational systems of Europeans to defend their lives and way of life. And I would argue that we still don’t. Please try not to forget that the earliest Greek fathers of the disciplines we are taught today, did not study in Europe.

    Today, anthropology finally recognizes that our ancestors were not a primitive people. They are a people who had developed sophisticated social structures that were stable and effective at avoiding many of the woes that currently plague European societies, and those that choose to emulate them. The primitive label was needed to finance these campaigns, that would, surreptitiously, justify the looting of Africa’s vast resources.

    It is a travesty to suggest the 17th and 18th century PR campaigns against Africa and her peoples had any elements of truth, as is demonstrated in this article. Most European lecturers today are rightly embarrassed about such ideologies. 🤨😌


  14. sadly,this is the horrifying story to be read about the past colonial life our gikuyu community under the so called “christian” religious leaders.However,this also led to many to adopt the formal education brought by the same missionaries and inturn,many were able to start reading the bible.Being a former catholic and now a bible believing christian , i now understand that the bible itself is against the catholic doctrines and teachings.And no,Jesus was never a white man nor a black man,the bible doesn’t describe his skin color,but the most important thing is the salvation that he offers for us as long as we put our trust in him, to get eternal life and worship the one and true God without images or moulded idols,or performing sacrifices to a mugumo tree like the way our ancestors did which inturn showed that they worshipped the creation rather than the creator.I would challenge every kikuyu to pick up the bible and start looking out for the truth,the catholic church has messed up with the minds of many but don’t be ignorant,just research using the bible and you’ll see the truth.


    1. Yes. There is also The Bhagavad Gita from India, The Popol Vuh of the Maya, The Tao te Ching of China, the Oral Kĩrĩra of the Agĩkũyũ and many others as guides to the Truth. There are many many paths to Truth and when one humbles oneself to that fact there is peace and genuine understanding is possible. Thai, Thathaiya Ngai, Ian.


    2. My observation is that you too are questioning your beliefs and that is a good thing. The next part of your journey may lead towards accepting that the truth is too vast to be domiciled in any one belief system. I suggest you grab yourself a good safety belt as you continue on this wonderful journey!


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