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  1. HI! I am rugiro.I am proud of your web-site.I have been looking for the Kikuyu tradition water storage pot Ndigithu.But it seems most of us dont seem to know it.I have sent someboby to buy one for me but bought me something similar to a cooking pot.Can you kindly assist me to where I can buy one.Your kind assistance will be higly appreciated.

    I am proud that the kikuyu culture will not die.The stories are just so educative.I miss the old days with my parents for bringing me up knowing my tribe.
    Thank you all and may God bless you all.




    1. Thank you Lucy for your comments. I will send you a picture of the Nyungu and the Ndigithu so that you can see the difference clearly. The Nyungu which had a wide mouth, was used for cooking irio. It was big and could hold 20 t0 30 litres. There were smaller ones called Njuri. The one for making poridge was a big affair. A child could crawl inside. The one for poridge was the nyamikwa equivalent to the kiondo.

      The Ndigithu however was close to the size of a food nyungu and was sorely for storing water. It had a slim neck and narrow mouth like a big gourd. Because it was kept inside, the water was extra cool. Probably the best water you will ever taste. You tilt the ndigithu to draw and pour water on a half calabash, a Kaihuri or a big Kiuga and drink straight from the calabash in one swig. Haaaaaaaaa! Then you give to your friend for a swig or pour the rest onto the ground… outside, not inside the hut.

      You can try to buy a ndigithu but the best way is to order one to be made for you. There are still women who do them in Muranga, Kiria-ini especially. Good luck. The search is worth it!!


  2. Knowledge is Power!! I thank you for your hard work and much needed definitive knowledge of Nyumba ya Mumbi / Gikuyu Nyumba. We need to be outwardly more proud of our heritage and keep these very valuable ancestral traditional stories and culture in our children’s classrooms. Let we forget not that Gikuyu and Mumbi were the first inhabitants…
    RE: Gikuyu Architecture…Picture 11….shows Adam and Eve (white) under The Tree of Knowledge, surely this should be Gikuyu and Mumbi…????
    Happy New Year and may you be showed with the Blessings and Favours of Ngai.
    Lucy Wanjiku


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