Gīkūyū Documentation Centre – Mūkūrwe-inī

The Gīkūyū Documentation Centre is a Library, Archive, and Museum specializing in not just the archival material history of the Gīkūyū people of Central Kenya, but especially in exploring how the traditional knowledge and wisdom finds relevance and place in today’s social-cultural environment. The GĪkūyū Centre for Cultural Studies Blog is its main forum of expression – a metaphysical, virtual “Thingira”

The Gīkūyū Documentation Centre is housed by the Francis Mwangi Memorial Library, a Community Library in honor of the late Mwalimu Francis Mwangi Gathondu of Gakindu Mūkūrwe-inī, Nyeri. Mwalimu Francis’ book collection throughout his service as a Schoolmaster forms the foundation of the Library. The Library is located about one and a half km. from Gakindu.

The Library is open to children every Saturday from 2 pm to 5 pm. Story telling sessions for the children are also held at the same time.

Those interested in further discussions emanating from this blog are invited to the Documentation Centre every last Saturday of the month starting at 10 am. for interactive sessions with Mūkūyū. Kindly notify the Admin of your intention to visit. Some of the documents as hard copies alone are worth the visit.

The Gīkūyū Catalogue is available as a document HERE

Some of the book covers can be seen HERE

For further information kindly contact Mukuyu at muiniwagicandi@gmail.com

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