Gikuyu traditional architecture documented

This PhD thesis presented at the Oslo school of Architecture and Design on 15th August 2013 is now made available to the readers of this  site. The title of the thesis is, “Transformation of Kikuyu Traditional Architecture: Case Study of Homesteads in Lower Mukurwei-ini, Nyeri, Kenya.”

It is well known that most PhDs are meant to be:

  • Unreadable by ordinary people
  • Not of any use to ordinary people
  • Unavailable to ordinary people
  • Extremely boring to any reader (you are not expected to laugh or enjoy it)

The author of this thesis set out to challenge the above myths. He writes in an easy narrative style that borrows heavily from  the rich African storytelling tradition also found on this site. We hope you will enjoy it like we have.

Click on the image below to download.


5 thoughts on “Gikuyu traditional architecture documented

  1. Greetings.
    I wept when started read the Ph. D, because it was the flower in the desert I have been looking, to enhance and enable me to become a Anansisem Awurade (Master Storyteller connected to the spiritual and physical realms).
    This is the beginning of my journey to end my days.
    Stay blessed.


    1. Thank you Eli for your kind words and welcome to this site. When two kindred spirits meet, it is an event that is recorded in the annals of Time.


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