The Book of Tea

The Book of Tea

The Book of Tea is a most wonderful text describing in great detail Traditional Japanese architecture as seen through the lens of the Tea Room. The Tea room is a condensed summary of the great Japanese ideas in landscape, interior architecture and technology that have so fascinated students of architecture. As an “Abode of Contemplation” (Kanyumba ka Meciria), the Japanese tea room it is not unlike the Gikuyu Thingira or man’s hut – a retreat into the unclattered, fundamental and essential substance of life.

The entire text in pdf is available for download from this site.  Click on image below.


2 thoughts on “The Book of Tea

  1. So the Tearoom, wasn’t this where the group entertainment by geishas took place. Or was there a difference of the family tea room and the commercial tea room. From memoirs of a geisha, each tea room would hire its on geishas to entertain the patrons.

    • There is a difference between the public tea room and the private family tea room. The public tea room was like our hotel but most were members only where men went to be served and entertained by the geisha. The private family tea room was like a Kikuyu thingira and was where guests were entertained with the ritual tea. This tea room is the one explained in the Book of Tea.

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