Mosgi Trubadur – Kanyoni Kanja

6 thoughts on “Mosgi Trubadur – Kanyoni Kanja

  1. How fabulous! We done, it was highly entertaining and refleshing. I have just finished reading the story of mumbi and gikuyu and kind of found you along the way. I GOT THINKING, -DO YOU REMEMBER the story of the elephants and little boy who was a goat keeper. ‘njogu njou muma munyu, i i tuma munyu, chiana chia buru nuu uriire, i i tinie ndaiire, teka ugu, one one tinie ndaiire, teka uguo ungi, one one tinie ndirie, ai ai…. you have made my day!! More please


  2. This kalittle song reminds me of my hirarious school days. Entering Form 1 in High School we were asked to sing this in English by form twos. They would get a group of us Form 1s and tell us to perform as a band. “You Njuka what’s your name? You be the base guiter. And you there be the drums. And you here are the lead guiter and you there are the vocalist. Start!” So we would beat imaginary drums, guiters and then sing the Kanyoni Kanja in English. “Bad of Auti! Bad of Auti felo dauni with lafta!! and we could’t help laughing, so we would be made to repeat. This game would go on forever. I actually enjoyed it.


    • Mukuyu u made me laugh till i cried i was having a really bad day till the Bad of Auti… you know where to get the lyrics of all the folksongs


        • Late last year I recorded myself singing some of these singing games from my childhood. I did it for my 2 and a half year old daughter, her older cousins always teach her Swahili and English songs. I recorded what I could remember, words and songs. I wish I could get more of those singing games somewhere.
          By the way in less than a month’s time after recording the songs my daughter could now sing most of them by herself.


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